FAQ for Pet Owners

FAQ for Pet Owners

I've never left my pet with a pet sitter before. Is Pawshake for me?

Absolutely. Pawshake is a community of genuine animal lovers who welcome others' animals with open arms. It allows for your animal to stay in a home-from-home environment, so they will be much happier than in a kennel. Take a look at the pet sitter profiles on our site - verified by our team - and let us know what you think.

Can I really trust a pet sitter?

Pawshake is a platform that puts animal owners and pet sitters in contact. In the interest of animals' wellbeing, we verify the contact details of pet sitters in various ways before they appear on the site. You can check how thy have been verified, by just viewing their profile. Then, after the stay, owners can leave a paw-sitive review of their experience.That way you are able to gain insights from other owners just like you.

I'm hoping to meet the host family before placing my pet with that family. Is that possible?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, we encourage a meeting beforehand between the pet sitter and the pet to ensue everyone gets along. Try to meet in a neutral environment at first, this way there will be no territorial issues between pooches! You can request this by clicking on "Contact Me." 

Is it possible to find a pet sitter for a single night?

Absolutely. The benefit of the site is that we are able to offer a range of "Pawshakers" with different flexibilities. Just ask ! 

Does my pet need anything during its stay with the host family?

Our sitters wqnt to give your pet a home-from-home experience so we suggest that you provide them with everything to make thm feel as at home and comfortable as possible. 

We also suggest that you provide the pet sitter with the animal’s favourite toys and accessories to minimally disrupt the animal’s routine.

It is possible - through the site - to agree with the host family on items to bring. Here are some suggestions:

  • Food and snacks
  • A leash
  • Toys
  • Bowl for eating or drinking
  • Basket and blankets
  • If needed, old clothes with the owner's smell for reassurance.

To make your life easier, we have prepared a list of instructions that you can give to the pet sitter or host family. This list includes instructions concerning food, your dog's favourite items, your vet's name and address, and numbers of contacts in case of emergency.

Are there pet sitters on Pawshake that offer specialised care?

Yes. We request that Pawshake pet sitters describe the care they can offer as thoroughly as possible. Some sitters can indeed offer your animals additional services including grooming and training. Look through the list of pet sitters in your region to see who is the best person to fit the needs of your pet.

What happens if my pet gets sick or hurts itself in the care of the pet sitter?

Cases of emergencies are very rare, but no impawsible, so it's always best to prepare for them. If there’s an emergency, the pet sitter must decide the best course of action: either to go to the nearest veterinarian or, if possible, go to the pet's own veterinarian. We suggest that owners always leave details of their regular vet surgeries and ensure their animal has pet insurance if possible. 

Is it possible to modify or cancel your reservation?

Pawshake pet sitters offer three types of reservations:

  • Flexible Reservation: full refund up to 5 days before the beginning of the reservation, then 50% refund afterward
  • Moderate Reservation: full refund up to 10 days before the beginning of the reservation, then 50% refund afterward
  • Strict Reservation: no refunds

If you need to cancel a booking. Please contact Pawshake by email (please provide the booking reference number) and we will happy to help you. 

What if I am unable to make the appointment as agreed?

Host families and pet sitters define their own cancellation policies. For more information, please check the pet sitter’s profile.

Do I pay before or after my pet stays with the Sitter?

Pawshake will ask for your payment information to complete your online reservation. However, the balance will not be debited from your account until the sitter confirms your booking. The pet sitter is then paid at the end of the stay.

Do I pay the pet sitter or host family myself?

No. All payments are carried out via Pawshake's website. It's easier and more secure for both parties. This also allows you to concentrate on building a relationship with you, your pet and the sitter. 

Are there booking fees on Pawshake?

No, there are no additional booking or credit card fees on Pawshake. The price you see, is the price you pay. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Paypal and POLi. Please note that there may be a conversion fee charged by your credit card company when using a Mastercard or Visa payment on Pawshake.

A Sitter has cancelled my reservation, why has money been deducted from my account?

When you make a booking with a sitter, money is not drawn from your account until the sitter confirms the reservation. Instead the funds go into ‘’Reserve’’. This means that the money never leaves your account, it only appears as though it has and it is not available in your balance in case the booking goes ahead. Therefore when a sitter cancels a reservation request, the funds automatically re-appear in your account as though they never left. 

Does Pawshake offer 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee ?

If you’re not absowoofly happy with your experience, Pawshake offers pet owners a Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee to our two legged members.  In order to be eligible, you obviously need to have organized a meet and greet with the sitter prior to the booking, have booked via the Pawshake and have left a poor review for the sitter. Your claim needs to be submitted within 3 days of the end of the booking period via the “contact us” section. Pawshake will refund the gross booking amount up to 7 days.

Does Pawshake offer insurance?

Yes, your pet is insured during the period of booking !

Pawshake has your backing with a free Insurance covering for all services booked through our site or mobile app! This means that you will benefit from ultimate peace of mind.

  • Care, Custody, Control – veterinary coverage for animals in pet sitters’ care, custody and control: This section provides veterinary coverage for the guest pets in the pet sitter’s care, custody or control. There is a £250 deductible for medical claims covered by the pet owners.
  • Errors and Omissions  – covers accidental injury to guest pet: This section refers to accidental injury to a guest pet in the sitters care. This type of insurance brings comfort to pet owners and sitters as, more often than not, any non-negligent harm arises where an animal in the sitter’s care has been accidentally harmed in the course of service delivery, through no specific fault of the sitter. Claims are subjected to a £250 excess payable by the pet sitter at the time of the claim.
  • Public Liability Insurance – covers pet sitters against third party claims: This section will pay those sums that pet sitters become legally obliged to pay as damages because of bodily injury to a third party person or damage to property of a third party. Claims are subjected to a £250 excess payable by the pet sitter at the time of the claim.

For more information, please check www.pawshake.co.uk/insurance

What costs are involved with Pawshake Premium Pet Insurance?

There are no upfront  or ongoing costs for insurance. This is covered in the portion of the fee paid to Pawshake.

Please note - there is a £250 deductible on medical expenses. What does this mean? In the unlikely case of an emergency, the pet sitter pays up to £250, and if the claim is successful, Pawshake pays the remainder. This cost is to be negotiated privately between the sitter and owner following the booking. If the cost of the visit is less than £250, this cost is to be negotiated privately between the sitter and owner.

Please check our insurance details page for more information www.pawshake.co.uk/insurancedetails

What does a Home Visit include?

Here are some services you should expect from the pet sitter for a home visit. As always, make sure you have a clear agreement. 

  • Fresh Water/Food for pets
  • Playtime and Cuddles - TLC Time
  • Administering Medication (optional)
  • Daily Written Report/Dairy - Notes and Checklist
  • Text Message and Daily Photo Update to Client (via the Pawshake app)
  • Bring in the Mail/Newspapers/Advertising Material
  • Alternate the Lights and Curtains
  • Water Indoor/Outdoor Pot Plants
  • Pooper disposal/Litter Box
  • Recycling/Garbage Disposal 
  • Security Check on premises

How do I make a reservation on Pawshake?

  • Step 1: Enter your address in the search bar on the Pawshake homepage to browse local sitters. 
  • Step 2: Make an enquiry: Contact at least two sitters by making an enquiry. Sitters must first pre-approve your enquiry before you are able to make a reservation.   Pre-approval is a way for sitters to let you know that they are available and interested when you ask about a potential reservation. Simply click on the button "Send Enquiry" on their profile listing to make contact with the sitter. Once your reservation has been pre-approved, you can automatically confirm the reservation for the specific dates you have provided. Important: your reservation isn’t confirmed until you’ve clicked "Book Now".
  • Step 3: Book it! Click on "Book Now" to finalise the booking. At this time, the amount for the booking is reserved in your chosen payment account. There’s no payment, just an authorisation for the amount. Once the booking is confirmed by the sitter, the amount is withdrawn from your payment account. At this time, there has been a payment.