5 DIY dog toys

5 DIY dog toys


Have you ever invested in a really cool and flashy toy for your dog, but he or she seems to prefer playing with a plastic bag or an old sock? Does this sound familiar to you? You might as well start making your own dog toys. We’ll show you how to do it!

1. Waterbottle in a sock

Simply stuff an empty water bottle into an old sock and tie a knot in it - done! The crunchy noise of the bottle makes it an interesting chew toy for your pooch.

2. PVC pipes with treats

Drill some holes in an old PVC pipe, hide some treats in it and watch your dog work to get them out. This is so much fun for your dog and a great distraction!

3. Tug-of-war using a fleece blanket

Use an old fleece blanket or a pair of jeans for this classic dog toy. Cut it into ribbons and braid them very tightly. Tie them into a sturdy knot at the end and you’re all set! You can even tie a ball onto it.

4. Treat dispenser

This brain teaser takes a little more work, but the results are fabulous! To start with, your dog will carefully push against the bottle with his or her nose whilsy being able to smell the treats. Then, with time, they will learn to hit it with their paws to make the bottle spin. This is great way of spending time with your dog and teaching them new tricks!

5. Pinata for dogs

No, we’re not kidding! Find a paper bag and fill it to the brim with treats and paper. Suspend it from a stick or branch with a rope in such a way that your dog can only just reach it. It’s a great workout for your pooch!

We would love to hear which of these toys you like best! Are you making one for your own dog or guest dog? Share it on our Facebook page! 

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