The 7 top Valentine's Day tips to pamper yourself and your pet

The 7 top Valentine's Day tips to pamper yourself and your pet


We think everyone should have a warm and fuzzy Valentine's Day, whatever your relationship status – and it’s even more fun if your pet can be a part of your day.

Are you pet sitting on Valentine's Day? Maybe you’re spending it with a special someone and trying to come up with some plans? Or you’re just chilling out at home with your pet? 

Whether you have love in your life in the form of a pet or person, here are some fun and cozy activities you can share together. 

1) Rug up, pop a coat on your dog and go for a nice long stroll. The weather might be chilly, but the fresh air and exercise will get your blood pumping and trigger an endorphin rush. You will arrive home beaming with happiness: goodbye winter blues!

2) Bake some heart-shaped treats for yourself and your pet. Here are some doggy treat recipes that are easy and have no nasty additives.

3) Light some candles, order some comfort food and enjoy a night on the couch watching movies with pets in them. We’re thinking Isle of Dogs, Cats and Dogs, Lady and the Tramp, The Secret Life of Pets….all the classics!

4) Have a pamper day involving your pet. Give them a wash and brush while you pop on a luxurious face mask. Does your pet have dry, flakey skin? We have some suggestions for how you can prevent and treat this.

5) Instead of buying Valentine's Day presents that you don’t need, show some love by donating the money you would have spent to your local animal shelter. Naw!

6) Date night planned with a special someone? Message your favourite Pawshake sitter and treat your pet to a mini-holiday break.

7) Don’t have a pet but wish you did? Become a Pawshake pet sitter and maybe you’ll have a furry friend to cuddle soon!

Have a lovely Valentine's Day celebrating love, life, pets and all the good things that really matter. Send us a pic of your pet enjoying the day on Instagram by tagging it #pawshakeuk!