Keeping your pet safe during fireworks

Keeping your pet safe during fireworks


Keeping your pet safe during fireworks

Keep your pet safe during fireworks by bringing them inside, and provide distracting chew treats and quiet spots to hide. Be sure to make sure your home is escape-proof and your pet's microchip information is current. 

How to keep your pet calm during fireworks

1. Keep your pet inside: the safest place for a nervous pet is indoors where they can't escape - plus, you can turn on the TV to a low volume to hide the sound of fireworks.

2. Check your home security: make sure your home is pet-proof - all doors, gates and windows should be closed and locked, and curtains drawn to block out noise and lights from nearby fireworks. 

3. Understand your pet's body language: nervous dogs pant, lower their ears and tails, lick their lips and show the whites of their eyes - whereas cats will stay close to the ground, hold their ears back and puff up their fur.

4. Exercise during the day: arrange a pet sitter to come and play with your dog or cat in the afternoon, so they will have less energy to channel into anxiety later.

5. Provide hiding places: cats particularly love to hide somewhere quiet and safe, so let them do so, and never force a nervous pet out from a hiding place.

6. Update your pet's microchip and registration details: if your pet should go missing, having up-to-date microchip and registration information is the safest bet for your pet to be found and returned to you.

7. Be calm yourself: animals pick up on subtle variations in human behaviour, so remain calm, patient and supportive for your pets.

8. Distract your pet: Whether before, after or during the fireworks, a chewy toy, kong or yummy treat can calm nervous energy.

9. Hire a pet sitter: a pet sitter can drop by in the evening to make sure your pet is safe if you are out and about with friends. Have a great night!

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