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Doggy Day Care
Doggy day care
Daytime care, at the sitter's home
30 GBP for each additional pet
30 GBP
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About Kay


🐶 Constant focused care 24/7 and regular updates!

🐶 Experienced small to medium dog care - I have one small 13 year old dog and no other pets. Experienced in long term boarding too!

🐶 One booking at a time to provide focused care for your dog/s. Unneutered males and dogs with special care needs - rates to be discussed.

🐶 Experienced with hundreds of breeds and crossbreeds, upto 5 dogs from the same households, super seniors aged 17+ and experienced with separation anxiety and various disabilities. I can offer respite for owners with dogs that require constant care.

🐶 Your dogs care and routine at home will be closely mimicked here including sleeping on the bed to ensure stress free nights for your dog.

🐶 I have no visitors coming and going including over the festive period to create a safe, calm and consistent environment for your dog/s. I don't schedule meet and greets during your dogs stay to avoid stressing them and having to leave them in another room alone.

🐶 Large enclosed back garden + woodland walk just across the road. Micklehead Dog Run at the top of my street too :)

🐶 Insured, DBS checked, Dog First Aid/CPR + Dog Safety Trained, CCTV, GPS tag + collar tag attached on walks, emergency vet available + Council Licence application in progress 🌟

🐶 Daycare services also available dependent on availability.

⚠️ To avoid disappointment please note that a request for dates and arranging a meet and greet doesn't secure your requested dates sorry. Dates are secured by payment only. Thank you.

💰 Please ask how to save ££ off your 1st and 2nd bookings ☺️


- Hello I'm Kay 🙂 (apologies for the long profile!). I'm 40, I live with my 9 year old daughter and 13 year old chihuahua x griffon Heidi. I'm currently studying canine care, behaviour and nutrition. I'm certified in Canine First Aid which was attended in person with DFA Merseyside, Level 2 Professional Daycare and Boarding and DBS checked and insured which will be available to see.

- I am home all of the time and hoping this will become my full time job in 2023 as I build my customer base. This is my absolute life, my dream job and not a side hustle. I thoroughly enjoy and cherish every second with the dogs in my care. I'm working with Rover to gain experience in dog boarding, to go towards my studies and also help with my council licence whilst offering a helping hand with trustworthy care for your pets as I know it can be worrying trying to find a dog sitter you're comfortable with and trust.

- Dogs have been my whole life. I've always been passionate about them and never been without a dog since being a child. I have experience with dogs of all kinds of personalities, ages and breeds over the years including fostering and especially over the last 2 years of looking after them 🙂 from pekingese to Malinois.

- I offer constant care during your dogs stay. Dogs will never be left alone or left unsupervised. I do errands around dogs stays. I'm very much a home bird! If me and my daughter are going for days out etc I schedule time off for this.

- I don't have vistors around when a dog is in my care and schedule time off for visitors also. This includes over the festive period so my home environment is consistent, calm and with no constant opening of the front door or strangers coming and going. No meet and greets will take place during your dogs stay. I schedule meet and greets back to back in half hour time slot appointments on my days off inbetween dog guests staying.

- I have a 13 year old chihuahua x griffon (super tiny) called Heidi and no other pets. She lives with me and my 9 year old daughter. My daughter is very knowledgable with dogs and wants to become a vet 🥹 she knows how to introduce herself to dogs and doesn't fuss them. She will wait for them to come to her and then follows their lead. I usually find most dogs make a beeline for my daughter and they enjoy playing together and cuddles ☺️

- I usually introduce my dog Heidi slowly during your dogs stay. After they've been introduced Heidi loves to join in playing or snuggling dependent on your dogs energy levels.


- I do meet and greets in my home so you’re able to see where your dog will be staying :-)

- I prefer to conduct meet and greets without any other dogs present so will schedule these when I'm dog guest free. I also don't have Heidi here for this (shes usually napping on my daughter's bed) so that the house is quiet and your dog isn't overwhelmed, can sniff around stress free and get to know me a little. It's also much easier to discuss your dogs potential care plan without introducing our dogs immediately. Should you want to go ahead with your booking I will introduce Heidi slowly during their stay to make it less stressful for both dogs.

- Due to the volume of meet and greet requests I get and sometimes having to conduct them back to back inbetween dog guests aswell as Heidi's age it can get pretty stressful for Heidi to keep bringing her in on meet and greets sorry. On occasion if she's up and about you may get to meet her 🙂


- I live in a good sized 3 bed semi detached with a very large enclosed garden

- Baby gates are fitted during your dog's stay on almost every room, the stairs etc. I go over rooms nightly with a fine tooth comb checking for any safety issues, stray treats under sofas etc. All toys, beds, bedding, throws etc are washed and disinfected inbetween guests. House is flea treated regularly.

- I have two hallways, again with baby gates leading to the front door and a very secure front door that can't be opened easily. This leads out onto a fenced and gated front garden. I also have a very large enclosed back garden which is currently being worked on to create some separate dog friendly play areas.

- I have a large day bed attached to my bed (as pictured) to allow your dog space to get comfortable if they sleep on the bed

- I live over the road from The Dream/Sutton Manor Woodland for daily walks and very lucky to have Micklehead Dog Run at the top of the street too.

- Dogs are very welcome on sofas and my bed however if this is a behaviour you don't allow at home please let me know :)

- I have a 4x4 with secured crates in the back and a dog guard for safe transport.


- I'm home all of the time during your dogs stay. Very much a home bird. If I can do things online I will 🙈. I don't have a second job/work from home as boarding and daycare is my full time job 🙂 during a dog guest staying they are in my company constantly. I also have a comfy area set up in the bathroom for dog’s with anxiety or for blind or deaf dogs that become my shadow.

- I schedule time off for days out and activities with my daughter.


⚠️ Please select a 30 minute time slot for drop off and pick up for boarding and daycare.

⚠️ * I try my best to accept bookings that fit without clashing with another stay. Sometimes there might be a slight overlap at the beginning or end of your dogs stay as another dogs stay ends or begins. Please be assured that they are safely separated if this happens.

⚠️ Requested dates are only confirmed when paid in full sorry as per Pawshake.

⚠️ No Sunday morning drop offs and pick ups sorry

⚠️ Early morning (before 8am) and late night (after 8pm) drop offs and pick ups will incur a small charge. Thank you.


- Although I can care for unneutered males please be assured that I will never have intact male and unspayed female dogs booked or overlapping at the same time. I also charge my puppy rate for unneutered males.

- I can only care for small to medium breeds in my home sorry.

- Your dogs care will be tailored to their individual care plan to ensure their needs are met and their stay is as stress free and homelike as possible.

- Please let me know your dogs sleeping arrangements at home so I can try to mimic that here. Sleeping on the bed/in the bedroom is absolutely fine if this is how they sleep at home. Over 90% of my dog guests are bed sleepers.

- Please be assured I don't ever let a dog off the lead.


- My hours for daycare are 8am until 6pm from Monday to Friday. Any extra hours needed around these times will incur a charge to be discussed. Saturday daycare hours are 10am until 4pm. Extra hours needed around these times will incur a small charge too. Thank you.


- Your dogs safety is extremely important to me. Although I don't require your dog to be crate trained, please be aware that during times when they need to be left in a room alone I will set up the large room divider to ensure they can't chew through any electrical wires etc. For dogs with severe separation anxiety/velcro dogs I've set up a comfy crate in the bathroom so they can be with me at all times and they settle well in this with me in the room.

- I never let dogs off the lead on walks and have found a route in the woodland that's very quiet and private.

- During times of extremely bad weather and when looking after dogs with lots of energy, I book Micklehead indoor dog run as an alternative to walks.

- I tend to get alot of dog guests with severe allergies and illness such as colitis. I ensure there is nothing they can ingest in the house and they're closely supervised when outside. For all dogs, I stick to the food and treats they arrive with and don't feed them anything other than these.


- I send updates between 11.30am and 8.30pm during your dogs stay but please don't feel you need to respond to them all.

- Please feel free to ask for updates at any point of your dogs stay inbetween the updates I send.


A typical day consists of pottering about the house and garden and taking my dog guests for walks aswell as sticking to their schedule. I homeschool my daughter so no school run to do. We don't have a rigid school day schedule and as my daughter is 9 now and we've been homeschooling for 5 years, she's independent and gets on with her work with little supervision. I also study canine behaviour and nutrition from home. The house is consistently quiet and calm with no hustle and bustle.

The Dream / Sutton Manor Colliery is just across the road for woodland walks and Micklehead Dog Run is at the top of my street.

Kay's services

At the sitter's home

Doggy Day Care
Doggy Day Care
Daytime care for your dog at the sitter's home.
30 GBP for each additional pet
30 GBP
Dog boarding
Dog boarding
Overnight stay at the sitter's home
35 GBP for each additional pet
39 GBP

Kay also offers

Cancellation policy: Moderate

Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. 7 days before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

Note: All times are based on the sitter’s time zone

Doggy day care and Dog walks always have a flexible cancellation policy:

Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. one day before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.


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David, 2024-02-24

This was the first time we were leaving our pet Cockapoo Jasper and so you can imagine we were a bit nervous. We needn't have worried as Kay was absolutely brilliant from our pre visit all the way through our pets stay and afterwards. We can't praise Kay enough. Fantastic communication with photos and text twice a day and Jasper clearly had a wonderfull time with Kay. We will be using Kay exclusively in the future. Many thanks Kay.


Kay's Pets

Chihuahua x Griffon

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0-10 kg
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0-20 years

Kay's home

A large outdoor area
Has kids younger than ten
24/7 supervision
A fully fenced backyard
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Nearby off-leash dog area


Specific Skills

I speak English
+20 years of experience
Familiar with dog training techniques

Experience with

Animal welfare as a volunteer
Rescuing pets
Behavioural problems


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🐶🌻 Dog First Aid Certified + DBS Checked 🌻🐶

Doggy Day Care
Doggy day care
Daytime care, at the sitter's home
30 GBP for each additional pet
30 GBP
All services and rates
Contact Kay

Cancellation policy: Moderate

Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. 7 days before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

Note: All times are based on the sitter’s time zone

Doggy day care and Dog walks always have a flexible cancellation policy:

Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. one day before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

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