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About Gemesia

Yes, you read that right - cats can go on walkies too!

About Me

Hi! I'm Gemesia, a 42-year-old cat pawrent based in the Leicester city area, offering cat sitting services in your home, as well as cat walking (either with me or supporting you), and harness training support for cat pawrents who'd like to learn how to safely take their feline friends outdoors.

I've always lived with cats, and have been privileged to share unique and special bonds with each and every one of them. I have a lifetime of experience of not only caring for indoor and free-roaming cats, but also of training my own cats to go on outdoors adventures with me!

Cat Sitting with a Difference

If your cat is already a harness trained adventure feline, I will take the time to get to know your kitty and build their trust before taking them out for walkies in quiet, dog-free locales solo. Alternatively, I can provide additional outdoor adventuring support as a buddy walker. 

If you're interested in harness training your kitten or cat, I will take you through all the required equipment, show you how to read your cat's body language signals, and provide you with all the essential training techniques for a safe and enjoyable outdoor cat adventuring experience.

I can provide my services for all feline  temperaments and cat breeds, and I have  particular experience with the needs, behaviour (and energy levels!) of Bengal and Maine Coon cats.

Services Offered

Cat Sitting (£10-£15 per day)

  • For £15 per day, I will spend up to 90 minutes with your kitties once per day, or 1 hour twice per day.
  • During every visit, I will ensuring that their usual feeding schedule is maintained; litter boxes are checked and cleaned as required; and fresh water is available. 
  • Depending on your cat's mood during the visit, I will spend time playing with them and giving them plenty of tickles and attention.
  • I am experienced with grooming longhaired cats, and I will be happy to keep your kitties looking and feeling their best while you're away - including brushing, dematting (if required) and claw trimming!
  • I will send you photographs and/or video of your furbaby during every visit for your peace of mind.
  • I am happy to administer medications where necessary (I have experience caring for cats with chronic long-term conditions including IBD, CKD, hyperthyroidism, and polyneuropathy).
  • I will always assess the condition of your cat (even if I find them asleep) and report any apparent changes in health or signs of injury immediately. 
  • In case of emergency, I will transport your cat to your designated vet in your absence. Emergencies incur an additional time + petrol fee.
  • For bookings over 4 days, I offer a discounted rate of £12.50; for bookings longer than 7 days, my rate is £10 per day.
Cat Walking (£15-£25 p/hr)

Walking cats outdoors can be challenging for a number of reasons: Their agility can have you getting into a tangle chasing them into places they want to explore; their hunting and territorial instincts mean that they will want to explore and assess new environments in a way that is not necessarily conducive to "going for a walk" as we would think of it; and their acute senses and natural wariness in unfamiliar places can make them far less predictable than their canine counterparts

With the right cat, all these factors can be overcome with the right preparation and training. The cat training and walking services that I offer are safe, tailored to the individual cat, and above all feline-oriented. My cat walking moto is always, "you don't walk a cat; a cat walks you!"

It is important to bare in mind that while all cats can be trained in principle and enjoy exploring the great outdoors, not all will be amenable to walking on a harness! If your cat has never walked on a leash before, I can help you assess whether harness training is appropriate for you and your cat.

Buddy Walking - £15 p/hr

If you already take your cat out on a leash and harness, you will know that it is *much* easier to walk with a buddy! With buddy walking, you take the lead with your cat, while I provide the following support:
  • Cats should always have a safety bolt-hole when walking in public - this can be a pet backpack or a stroller for larger cats. I will always be on hand with your cat's safety bag, and can assist in helping you manage your cat's responses to any unexpected encounters.
  • Having a second person to be alert to your cat's surroundings at all times frees you up to provide your cat with your 100% undivided attention. This will allow you to develop communication and trust with your cat outdoors, and strengthen your bond.
  • I can provide training tips and support "in the field", as well as taking over walking duties when necessary.
  • Buddy Walking allows your cat to become familiar with me as a trusted walkies companion. For this reason, *at least 3 Buddy Walking sessions are a prerequisite to booking Solo Walking services*.

Solo Walking - £25 p/hr (harness trained cats only)
  • On a solo walkies booking, I will take your kitty to a pre-agreed dog-free walking spot in your area that is suitable for cat adventuring.
  • Our "adventure" will be documented via a hands free camera so you can see exactly what your kitty got up to, and follow your cat's outdoor training development.
  • Please note that it is *absolutely essential* that your cat is familiar with both me and leash walking prior to taking them out on solo walk for the first time. 
  • This service is only available to regular cat-sitting clients, or clients who've previously booked Buddy Walking or Adventure Cat Training sessions with me.

Cat Adventure Training - by arrangement

If you've never taken your cat out on a leash before, why not learn from an experienced cat walker? I can provide intensive and supportive training to teach you and your cat how to walk outdoors on a harness safely. Please contact me for further information and to chat informally about your requirements. 

I look forward to meeting you and your feline family! 😸 

~ Gemesia

Additional Cat Walking & Adventure Training T&Cs

Bookings for Buddy Walking, Solo Walking, and Cat Adventure Training sessions will only be accepted on proof of the following:
  1. An up-to-date vaccination record.
  2. An up-to-date flea and worming treatment record.
  3. Microchip registration. 
In addition, the following equipment MUST be provided by the client:
  1. A well-fitted, cat appropriate harness (leashes will be supplied during bookings)
  2. A sturdy, escape-proof pet backpack, bag, or other hands-free carrier suitable for cats.
  3. A collar with either a Bluetooth/RFID tracker (i.e. Tile, Airtag) or a GPS tracker (for e.g. Tractive, Pawfit) with an active subscription.
  4. A GPS tracker with active subscription is required for Solo Walking bookings.

Gemesia's services

At your home

One home visit a day
Book a pet sitter to stop by your home to feed and play with your pet
12 GBP
House Sitting
A sitter stays overnight in your home and cares for your pet
30 GBP
Two home visits a day
Two drop-in visits for your pet
17 GBP

Gemesia also offers

Pick up / drop off

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. one day before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

Note: All times are based on the sitter’s time zone


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House Sitting
Angela, 2024-07-14

We are so truly thankful to have found such a lovely sitter for our very needy boy- Gemesia is absolutely incredible and will put your mind at ease from the minute you meet her! This our first time using a petsitter and so we were so anxious but Gemesia was so completely understanding and reassuring that there was nothing to worry about! She stayed overnight and kept us updated with plenty of photos so we could enjoy our holiday with peace! Also our cat absolutley loved her and trusted her from the get go :)! We have already booked another time soon as we are so impressed! Thank you again! Xxx

Home Visits
sonia, 2024-07-06

I recently had the pleasure of entrusting my cat to the care of Gemesia for five weeks and I couldn’t be more grateful for her exceptional service.

Throughout the entire stay, Gemesia went above and beyond to ensure Blakie (my cat) was happy, healthy and well-cared for. She provided amazing food, administered his medication, a vet visit and was extremely patient. However, what set her apart is the genuine love and attention she gave to my baby.

She sent daily updates, complete with the cutest photos and videos, I was convinced Blakie was being spoilt and loved his time with her! I must mention her boarding Blakie when I had issues with my building manager regarding him, she went out of her way for him when she absolutely did not have to.

She played with him and even discovered some of his new favourite toys, which I will be continuing with and he was in perfect health and high spirits when I returned.

I wholeheartedly recommend Gemesia to anyone looking for a cat sitter. Her dedication and genuine love for cats make her standout. Thank you, Gemesia, for taking such wonderful care of Blakie and giving me the peace of mind during my time away!

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Cat Sitting, Walking, & Adventure Training

One home visit a day
Min. 30-minute visits in your home
12 GBP
All services and rates
Contact Gemesia

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. one day before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

Note: All times are based on the sitter’s time zone

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