4 creative ways of feeding your dog

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Okay, so we expect most of you feed your dog only once or twice a day and he looks forward to it so much, right?! ... But in no more than a few seconds, it's all gone! Your dog is by nature what they call an opportunistic scavenger, a gatherer who eats what he finds and who will hunt if the opportunity presents itself. So you could try feeding your dog or your dog sitting guest their food in a different, more creative way!

Exercise, tracking, mental stimulation and sniffing: It's really great for your dog! Just dropping his biscuits or meat into a bowl is not only far from natural, it's also a little boring for them. So why not make your dog's meals more challenging: Let the hunt begin!

The tracking game

Your dog's nose was made for tracking, so why not play a little game of tracking? Scatter the biscuits throughout the entire house and let him hunt for his meal. This is even more fun to do outside in the woods - especially if your dog is on a raw diet. Hiding bits of meat in your living room is perhaps not such a pleasant thought :-)

Slow feeder food bowl

There are many kinds of food bowls out there with different shapes and maze-like ridges in them. When fed from such a bowl, your dog won't be able to gobble up everything at once. There are different kinds food bowls available, some with larger and some with smaller structures. Consider the anatomy of your dog when determining which model suits him best.

Food ball

A fun game during which your dog will have to work hard for his prey: Put his biscuits into a food ball or Kong. He will have to figure out how to reach them or get them out of the toy. It will keep him busy for a while!

DIY: Make you own snuffle mat

It's great fun to hide treats in a fluffy fleecemat. You can easily make that yourself and it's a cool and safe activity for your dog! Watch the video instructions here and find out how to make your own snuffle mat.

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