6 tips for working from home with a dog

Author picture Jessica  - updated: 11/11/2020

Is a pet-friendly home office possible??

Working productively at home while keeping your dog happy and healthy is possible, it just takes a little preparation and planning. 

Working from home has been a new experience for many in 2020, which can be even more challenging when you throw your dog in the mix. Zoom meeting interruptions and getting distracted by barking at the postman are all common challenges for pet owners. As such, we’ve created 6 tips to get into a productive routine, whilst keeping your four-legged friend happy. 

6 tips for working from home with a dog

1) Start the day right

A dog is a great alarm clock, so it’s best to have an early night in order to wake up refreshed with your pooch. If you now work from home, you can use the time you would normally be commuting to tire your dog out. For example, taking them to the dog park, for a walk in the forest or on a jog through town.

2) Have toys and treats on standby

Winter is just around the corner, which can mean rainy, cold weather. As such, it’s handy to have some toys on standby in the cupboard for grey days inside. Whether your dog prefers to gnaw on a kong or get their teeth into a rubber chew toy, the novelty of pulling out something new can really brighten your dog’s day.

3) Take breaks

Breaks are important for you to stay productive and creative throughout the day. It’s also a great chance to take your dog outside for a game of tug-o-war in the garden or to cuddle up on the couch. Remote work can take it’s toll mentally, so these little breaks with your pet are worth their weight in gold! 

4) Get enough exercise

Working from home is always less physically demanding than working from an office, especially if you normally walk or cycle in. As such, be sure to factor in some time to exercise for your mental and physical health. Plus, you can involve your dog too! Jogging, cycling and walks are great ways to get moving and involve your pooch. Many dogs can easily be trained to run alongside on a jog, but if not, a long walk is also a nice option.  

5) Establish a routine

It’s really important to establish a routine when working from home, even if you need to maintain some flexibility. Get up at a regular time, have a walk, take a lunch break and stick to these plans. You might even wish to arrange a few days of doggy daycare each week to break the days up for your pooch. If a surprise meeting comes up, try to establish boundaries and be clear about when you are and are not available. Routines are great for pets, too, as they give the day security and structure.

6) Know when to stop working

One of the most important lessons in the home office is knowing when to stop working. That sounds easier than you think! It is important to close your laptop and not touch it until the next morning. A good routine can help. And of course, a dog at your feet who wants to spend time with you too.

Are you having trouble focusing while working at home? Does your dog need extra socialisation? Doggy daycare could be an option to add some variety to your dog’s day and help you stay productive. Find a doggy daycare sitter near you.