Rabbits | 7 fascinating facts

Author picture Jessica  - updated: 01/05/2023

Do you know these fun rabbit facts?

Rabbits are fascinating critters. Did you know they aren't rodents? And that they're very intelligent? For all the bunny lovers out there, here are 7 fun facts about rabbits.

1) Rabbits are smart

Yes, it turns out that rabbits are very smart! Some breeds are even trainable. For example, you can teach a bunny to recognise their names and come to you when called. Rabbits also have a very good memory: they don’t forget negative experiences and emotions easily. In order to create a bond with your bunny, it’s important to make them feel at ease.

2) Rabbits aren't rodents 

Although they have teeth that continuously grow like rodents. rabbits actually aren't rodents. Instead, they are a type of mammal known as a 'lagomorph'. Lagomorphs have an extra pair of incisors that rodents don't have. But, just like rodents, they are herbivores and like to gnaw on objects. There should always be something to gnaw on within their reach - something safe, of course! We would not want them to nibble on cables or on the furniture.

3) Rabbits are social animals

In the wild, rabbits live in large groups with strong hierarchies. There, it makes sense that they don’t want to spend their days alone. Always keep at least two rabbits together and give them enough space to live in harmony. Male and female rabbits can be good friends, but make sure they are neutered. Otherwise, you might have a lot of baby bunny surprises!

4) Rabbits feel safe sitting in or underneath something

Your bunny will be so grateful if you offer it an upside-down box or two. Just like cats - if it fits, I sits! A cat tunnel also does the trick. And did you know that rabbits are really playful? They enjoy romping about and playing with toys. For playtime, they may need more space than a hutch. As such, consider letting your bunny out in a safe room when playing.

5) There are hundreds of breeds of domestic bunnies

From dwarf bunnies who weigh no more than 900 grams to the giant lorraine, weighing in at a minimum of 5 kilos. Each breed also has its own character traits. Consider which breed fits your family situation best before choosing your bunny. There are, of course, lots of lovely bunnies in shelters and at humane societies waiting for a new home!

6) Rabbits are very clean

Yep, rabbits are super hygienic! Most rabbits will have one particular spot where they go to the toilet. You can put some newspaper or wood pellets under the straw to keep their enclosure dry. Be sure to change their litter daily and clean the entire enclosure regularly to avoid nasty smells.

To keep your bunny healthy, you need to keep them supplied daily with fresh, clean water. You also need to keep their food bowl and water bottle clean. Just like cats, rabbits groom their coats, so they don’t need a bath. In fact, they absolutely hate baths! You can brush your bunny with a soft brush, especially when they are going through their biannual periods of shedding.

7) Bunnies communicate through body language

Rabbits can tell you a lot through their body language, but they do it in a more subtle way than a dog, for example. In fact, they can feel angry, tense, afraid, stressed, sad, or happy. For example, a bunny that wants to warn that there is danger nearby will thump its hind legs. A scared bunny can squeal or growl. A rabbit lying flat on the ground with its ears flattened is tense or afraid. A happy bunny will be lying in a relaxed way, ears facing to the front. They will be active and playful, and you might spot them softly grinding their teeth with joy!

Rabbits are great fun as well as clever, and are just lovely to be around. As such, they deserve the very best of care. Would you like to be a pet sitter for bunnies? You can be! Register as a pet sitter today!