Avoid overfeeding your pet

Avoid overfeeding your pet


Autumn is here and with the cooler days comes richer, heavier food for us humans – by the way, we can’t wait! But while we have a choice in what we eat, our cat and dog does not – which is why it’s so important to continue feeding and exercising your fur kid responsibly all year round.

If your cat or dog eats well, they will be healthier, happier and live a longer, more comfortable life. Who wouldn’t want that for their fur kid?

Though our pets might eat a limited range of food, the quality of what they consume is the most important factor. Your fur kid might look at you with pleading eyes while you’re getting stuck into your food, but it’s important that you make smart choices for your pet in the long run.

The risks of weight gain

Weight gain in cats and dogs can cause a lot of health concerns, including joint stress, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and many other potentially irreversible health concerns. 

Sadly, obesity is becoming a more common issue faced by veterinarians every day – so be sure to take responsibility for your pet’s waistline!

How to help slim your pet

Dogs and cats should have a visible incline or ‘waist’ when viewed above and their ribs and spine should be easily felt with your hands. Have a chat with your vet if you think this isn’t the case – they will often offer free weigh-ins for your pet.

Be sure to adjust the quantity of food your pet depending on the amount of exercise or stimulation they are receiving. If your pet is always up and about, it might need a little more food than if it is a less active breed. If your pet gets shorter time outside in colder months, they may need a bit less.

What to eat?

Choose your pet’s food carefully. Discuss your choice with your vet and always read the label as many brands contain little of the healthy protein and a lot of fillers. And if you prepare your own food be sure you follow a pet nutritionist’s guidelines. Research first and never wing it! 

If you can afford to, skip the cheap supermarket brands and preservative-laden pet-food meat. Human-grade meat and pet food from a veterinary clinic might cost more but our fur-kids are worth it!

Chat with your pet sitter

Have a solid chat with your sitter before going away and leave clear instructions as to how much, when and how your pet is to be fed. Divide the portions up beforehand and keep them in Tupperware or bags if you’ want to make it really easy for your sitter!

It happens from time-to-time that a Pawshake pet get through more food than at home because of excitement and extra stimulation with host pets, so discuss this with your pet sitter.

What steps do you take to prevent overfeeding your fur baby? We'd love to hear in the comments below!