Bring your Pet to Work Day!

Author picture Jessica

How awesome would it be if your pet could join you in the office! But will your pet and office mesh well together? For Bring Your Pet to Work Day, so we have listed some of the pros and cons to think about first.

Some things to think about first:

  • Consider whether your workplace is appropriate for your pet. What is your industry? Is the office shared with other businesses? 
  • Chat to your other colleagues first to make sure everyone is on the same page before bringing Fido into the office.
  • Be sure that your pet is toilet trained! And keep your eye on them should they need to be taken on a loo break.
  • Make sure your pet knows basic commands (sit, stay, come) and is comfortable around other humans and pets in case there are other furry visitors. 
  • Have a designated place in your workplace for the furries can hang out or set some basic ground rules.
  • Make sure there’s always fresh water available, poo bags and paper towel in case of accident, some toys, a place to nap and a chewy treat or two.


  • It’s proven to be good for you and your colleagues

The most famous study on pets in the workplace found what we all suspected: having dogs in the workplace increases positivity and lowers stress levels. No surprises there!   

  • Your pets will be able to hang out with you!

If you’re at work all day, it’s nice for your pet to be by your side or snuggling at your feet instead of lonely at home by themselves. You can walk them during your lunch break, have a play or give your cat extra cuddles.


  • Not all your colleagues like animals

Alas - not everyone loves pets, so it’s best to ask your colleagues’ consent before you bring your dog to work. Some people might have allergies or hygiene concerns, or might be genuinely frightened of dogs…so respect your colleagues’ opinions and needs.

  • Not all pets like going to work!

It’s fun to take your pet to work, but are you really doing it for you or for your pet? Will they be at ease and stress-free there? Will they have some space to themselves? Will they be bored? Some pets are very attached to their familiar environment and would much prefer staying there.

If the office is a no-go and you want to make sure your pet gets enough attention at home, you can always book a pet sitter through Pawshake. He or she can visit your dog or cat at home while you are at work and give you peace of mind that they won’t be lonely!