Cattle in summer – a warning for dog walkers!

Author picture Jessica

Summer days can only be improved by a walk with the dog – what a perfect way to get some sunshine and stop and smell the flowers! But a warning dog walkers and pet sitters - grazing cows are a common sight in the British countryside and at this time of year can pose a risk to you and your furry friend. 

When out for a stroll in the hills and fields, there may be plenty of space for your furry friend to burn off some energy and have an off-leash run. You might spy some cattle in the distance and think they are too far away to cause any concern. 

But animals can be unpredictable, and if your dog were to become curious by running towards the cattle then things could take a nasty turn.

Unfortunately, there have been a number of recent nasty incidents involving cattle and dog walkers. 

Some cattle are still feeding their babies late in summer, so can get very defensive when approached. If they were to feel threatened by your dog and you ran up to help, they would likely charge after YOU as your dog would be quicker at running away! 

So, by all means, take your dog exploring through the lovely countryside on a sunny day, but please watch out for any signs of cattle and be sure to pop a leash on your dog if you do. Put your dog on an extendable lead if you feel that any cattle may be close by.