Keeping your Pets Safe during New Years

Author picture Sianaye

This time of year is fun for celebrations for us people with all the fireworks, Christmas and festivities. With 2015 approaching, you may be planning your next party. One thing to bear in mind, is although it's great for us people, New Years can be an absolute nightmare for our Paw Pals. Similar to Christmas time, there are lots of unknown dangers for our pets. Here are some Fur-gestions to ensure you keep your Fur friends safe, happy and calm whatever you are planning to do! 

  • Having a Party? Your pets are used to routine and structure, and larger numbers of people they aren't used to can cause unnecessary anxiety (especially if they haven't had a chance to sniff them yet, can you imagine all those smells?! Talk about confusing!) Animals have a much more acute sense of smell and hearing than us people, If you think there is a chance your pet may be stressed by people or increased volume, it may be wise to take the party elsewhere. Remember it's their home too! 
  • If your Paw Pal loves to lap up the attention and isn't bothered by lots of people, parties can still present other dangers; From Alcoholic beverages, Balloons and Streamers, party poppers and appetisers. These are great for us humans, but can result in harm and an unnecessary trip to the vet (no one likes the vet now do they?!) Ensure that anything harmful, food or otherwise, is kept out of paws way and make sure your people pals don't give your pet food tid-bits on the sly!
  • Ensure your Pet has somewhere safe, cosy and quiet to lay down when he/she needs some Me-ow time; Although it would probably be advised to keep them seperate from the party to minimise stress and accidents, if your pet has had enough of the party commotion they will need somewhere to call it a day and have some private space. Make sure it is warm and be sure to check up on them!
  •  Fireworks can be an absolute NIGHTMARE for most pets. To us they are pretty, exciting and fun. For our pets they are loud, overwhelming, frightening and stressful and in my experience as a sitter, can turn the calmest dog in to a quivering wreck. Don't take your dog to firework displays and aim to distract and comfort them indoors if any are being displayed nearby. Try to also keep cats indoors as it can be frightening and dangerous for them too. 
  • Perhaps a long dog walk during the day would help not only tire pets out, but will also mimimise the need for them to be let out again during the evening festivities. 

Do you have any New Years resolutions? Perhaps your pet does, or needs some! Check out the howl-larious post from Green Planet below for a few ideas:

Whatever you're planning to do, ensure that your pet is kept happy, SAFE,  warm and loved to wish in 2015!