Newcastle cat cafe helps find loving homes for rescue cats!

Author picture Jessica

Cat cafes are popping up all over the UK, giving cat lovers a purrfect way to relax and have some cuddle time with their furry friends.

Sarah Zong, 29, at the Catpawcino cafe on Newcastle’s Quayside is doing something extra special.

Not only can you have a cuddle and a coffee but you can have a kitty to go too!

She’s partnered up with local rescue Feline Friends and is rehoming cats and has so far matched seven unwanted animals with loving new owners.

We spoke to kind-hearted Sarah about her cafe and the rehoming scheme.

Where did the idea for the cafe come from?

I’ve lived in Newcastle for ten years and I’ve always been a cat lover, and enjoyed visiting coffee shops. After a trip to QiLin Cat Café  in China I thought it would be great to have the same thing in Newcastle. 

I was working in marketing at the time, but after two years of research and planning and lots of support from Newcastle University, I left my job, and along with a local artist we created Catpawcino.

Who is your typical customer? 

Some people come here because they love cats but they can’t have one at home, so it’s a chance for them to have some time with our cats.

Others are cat lovers who own their own cats but who like visiting cat cafes and seeing other cats too.

Can you tell us about the cats? 

Yes, they are Alfie, Betty, Chocolate, Davin, Ebby, Flora, Hugo and Iva who all lived with me before the cafe opened and we have two rescue cats at a time here from Feline Friends.

All the cats stay her 24 hours a day. They have the main cafe, plus a bedroom and a relaxing room if they want some quiet time, and I watch them on CCTV when the cafe is closed.

The rescue scheme is a brilliant idea. How did this come about? 

I helped with some fundraising to pay for a cat to have an operation and decided I wanted to do more. So I asked about rehoming cats through the cafe.

The cats who come here are friendly and settled around lots of people and I feel that because they meet so many people, it can be easier to rehome them.

We have information about the rescue cats so people can learn about them and if they decide they would like to adopt them, the necessary home checks are then carried out.

What has the public response been like? 

It’s been very positive. People all love what we do here with the cats, and the children in particular love hearing the story about the rescue cats.

It’s a nice place for them to live before they are matched with their new owners and we feel we are doing something to help cats too.

Sarah’s CatPawcino is at 77 The Quayside, Newcastle, NE1 3DE. Entrance is £5 and you can find out more at