Pet-matching! Who is the best pet person for your pet?

Author picture Jessica

Big dogs, little dogs, tiny kittens, noisy pups, senior cats…. there are SO many types of pet on Pawshake! Likewise, there is a huge variety of people who pet sit – retirees, students, ex-pats, stay-at-home mums, vet nurses, families with kids, singles… the list goes on.

We want to make sure everyone on Pawshake has the knowledge to make an informed choice about matching a pet with a pet sitter. Because a happy pet and happy pet sitter means a smooth and easy stay for everyone!

What kind of pet do you own? Consider the following before making a final decision about your sitter:

Kittens and puppies

These floofy cuties are actually quite a lot of work that will likely need 24 hour supervision!

Retirees, sitters who work from home, have a lot of patience and don’t have too many other bookings are ideal. Ask if your sitter has experience looking after baby pets and make sure their home is puppy/kitten proofed (likewise for your home if they are coming to house sit). This isn’t a situation suited for home visits…. boarding and house sitting are preferred. 

Senior pets

It’s a good idea to book a sitter who can administer medications and who would know what to do in an emergency if your pet is very senior – vet nurses, veterinarians and experienced or trained pet owners are all great! Perhaps rethink sitters who have very energetic pets or excitable kids at home. 

Your sweet senior might sleep a lot more than an energized kitten or puppy but it’s important to ensure your sitter is patient and willing to take it nice and slow. 

Big dogs

A big pooch really does need an experienced sitter/big dog owner who can handle the pull if you go for a walk! Make sure your sitter has proven experience with big breeds, and has ample space for your pet to run around if the plan is to stay with them. 

Anxious or pets with special needs 

These furries really do need a patient and knowledgeable sitter who can handle separation anxiety and other behavioural issues. Vet nurses, trained animal carers and experienced sitters only in this case – preferably those who can be around throughout the day and who are patient, communicative and kind. Home sitting is perfect for these pets as they can stay in their familiar space. 

Energetic pets

An energetic pet needs a personality to match! Make sure your sitter can schedule plenty of play-time, walkies and exercise for your pet to burn up that energy, and that they have a decent amount of space if your pet is going to stay with them. Young people who love getting outdoors, families with kids, families with a second pet (if your pet likes company) are all good options. 

During the meet and greet always meet other pets who are going to stay at the same time – perhaps your pet will enjoy making new furry friends. But be sure your sitter knows your pet really does need the extra exercise otherwise inactivity could lead to destructive behavior such as chewing or scratching. 

Now that you have an idea of pet sitter matching, head over to Pawshake and pop your suburb in the search bar – there are a load of caring sitters in your neighbourhood right now waiting for you to message and meet up!