Pet Sitting: Keeping Our Pets Summer Safe!!

Author picture Sianaye  - updated: 21/05/2015

Summer, is that you?!  

The sun seems to be slowly but surely showing it's face here in the UK; this means lots of fun in the sun with our Pawpals! However, it's important to remember our furry friends can't regulate their body temperatures like us! And even us humans need to make sure we stay sun safe. Here are some top tips to ensure you are your fur buddies can enjoy the summer months to the fullest!

  • Make sure your pets are not directly infront of a sunny window; sunny windows can cause cages, hutches and beds to get super hot, super quick. It kinda acts like a magnifying glass, your best bet is to keep animal houses out of the windows, just to make sure they are cool and comfortable. 
  • Don't leave pets in the sun, and ensure they have access to shade; It's not a secret that pets like to try and top up their tans too, and hey, a bit of sun is great for everyone. But make sure you don't let your pet stay in the sun too long, and encourage them to sit in the shade frequently. If you are sitting rodents or rabbits, ensure that the hutch they are in is not left open for too long and is in the shade. 
  • Make sure your pet always has access to fresh water: This goes for all pets! Make sure water in hutches and cages is changed regularly. And make sure dogs and cats have clean water everyday, even if they don't seem to be drinking it (I have a few particularly fussy cats in mind here!) When going out for walks, make sure you carry a bottle of water for you and one for your pooch, dehydration is the pits, especially if you have spent all day chasing balls, other dogs, squirrels etc! 
  • Walk dogs in the Mornings or Evenings on hot days; If it is particularly warm, it would be a suggestion to walk pooches during cooler times of the day. This is usually before 8am and after 5pm. It means that they are less likely to overheat and the pavements will be cooler, because no one likes cooked paws now do they... 
  • Discard any uneaten food; I don't often see a lot of uneaten food with my doggy clients but some pets like to eat leisurely. In the heat, food spoils quickly, this is the case particularly for wet food. An increase in temperature means an increase in flies, maggots, you get the idea...
  • If your dog loves water, provide a small pool or bucket for them to splash in; some pooches love to swim and it is a great way for them to cool down and have fun! They could even invite their furry friends for a Pawl Party! Just remember, not all water is safe for dogs to swim in so if you're sitting, keep your Pawpal on lead around lakes and rivers. 
  • And lastly (and it's a BIGGIE!) NEVER leave pets in cars; not even for a second. And not even with the windows open. Temperatures in cars can reach dangerously high in just a few minutes in vehicles, and as our pooch pals can't regulate their body temperatures, there is a chance they could get heatstroke which can be fatal. 

It is also an idea to look out for and recognise the signs of heatstroke in pets; this includes excessive panting and salivating. If your pet seems drowsy or collapses, make sure you bring them out of the sun, offer them water, wrap them in cool wet towels and call their vet ASAP. 

Remember, we don't get hot weather often, so stay safe and make sure your summer sitting experience is a Pawsitive one! :)

Sianaye x