Tips and advice from one of our top pet sitters! Keep those tails wagging!

Author picture Katy  - updated: 17/08/2015

We interviewed one of our top pet sitters Siobhan Gale and asked her a bit about her experience as a pet sitter...... If anyone is new to Pawshake, Siobhan offers some great advice here so please do have a read :-)

1: Before joining Pawshake had you worked as a pet sitter before or dog walker? Have you had previous experience in doggie day care?

Siobhan: I hadn't no. I just always did it for family members etc and that's what made me think about doing it as a job. I have nothing to compare it to but I think Pawshake is brilliant! It's really helped my business a lot and I've had some wonderful clients and great experiences so far.

2: Have you ever had pets of your own?

Siobhan: I've always had dogs and I lived on a farm for a time when I was growing up so was around dogs, chickens, sheep, horses etc.. So looking after all sorts of animals of all ages is always something I've done. I had a black lab called penny, some fish and 2 springer spaniels which I adored.
Living on a farm during my childhood was great. Lambing season was my favourite and I loved helping my grandad take care of the lambs and bottle feeding them. They've always had dogs too so taking them for long walks in the fields is a happy childhood memory for me.

3: That's great. So, can you share with our sitters your experience so far looking after different breeds of dogs.

Siobhan: I've looked after frenchies, a cavachon, a Yorkshire terrier and some others.. Frenchies are such affectionate and loveable creatures.. They are my second favourite dog breed so of course I was smitten with Odin and Mia who I was lucky enough to look after for a weekend. Cavachons are very energetic and can be a little bit boisterous at times but so lovely and playful with other dogs. Yorkshire terriers are wonderful. Most people love them and their friendly nature.. They are so trusting and friendly.. They tend to love people more than other dogs and are very affectionate towards children in particular. All of them love attention and cuddles!

 I've got to know a lot through breeders and dogs owners as well. Reading up on dogs and particular breeds that you might need to know a bit extra about is always helpful too..because some have health issues like pugs and German shepherds..

4: That's great. You have a fantastic profile which I expect no doubt brings alot of people your way. What advice would you give to new pet sitters on improving their profiles?

Siobhan:  Make your profile as honest but fun as possible. Let your personality shine through so people feel like they're getting to know a lot about you through your profile. Including lots of pictures of you having fun with dogs is always a must! People always comment on my pictures.

5: If you have had  a nervous dog how have you made them feel more at ease?

Siobhan: Spending time bonding with a dog is so important. Doing things to make them comfortable.. Sticking to their routines and where they go for walks etc. I looked after a dog once that had his owners top in his bed which he liked to sniff because it made him feel close to her still. Lots of love, kisses and cuddles is the best way to a dogs heart. (Oh and nice doggy treats.

Thank you so much for all of your help Siobhan. Keep those tails wagging and I hope it continues to bring you joy and fulfillment. Pawshake is a friendly community and we encourage pet sitters to help one another and share their experiences. So I'm sure your advice will be greatly appreciated :-)