5 ways of celebrating Christmas in an animal-friendly way

Author picture Pawshake

Christmas is not just an excuse to celebrate and exchange presents. It's also a time of year where you can look back on life and reflect. You can give attention to the things that really matter. More and more people want to celebrate an animal-friendly Christmas. We have five festive, animal-friendly suggestions for you.

1) Make a vegetarian Christmas dinner
Why not try a delicious vegetarian Christmas dinner with your family and friends. Try something different! A dinner without meat can be just as festive, after all! You can find recipes for a scrumptius veggie dinner on the blog Demuths.

Photo: Bill Mill

2) Have a charity party
Organise a great board game evening with friends and family. Ask everyone to pay an entrance fee and buy a few fun little presents. Give the winner of each game a small prize and donate the rest of the proceeds to a charity, such as animal welfare organisations or a local shelter.

3) Take a (Pawshake) dog for a walk
A lovely walk in the forest or on the beach is a joy for you and your family, but also for the dog! You could do something original instead, e.g. visit a doggie playground such as this one in Nottinghamshire. Rushcliffe park is great for all the family and it has a 'doggie trail' where you can bring your dog and keep them entertained! Or this one which is an indoor park/playground for Dogs in Cardiff. If the weather is wet and rainy outside, you can bring them here!

Photo: frankieleon

4) Crafting your own dog and cat toys
An entertaining indoor activity, ideal to do together with children! Put on some Christmas music, make some hot chocolate and craft away! Your pet will be thrilled. You could, for example make dog toys or a cat scrating post.

5) Become a pet sitter
Did you know that many pet owners are looking for a pet sitter over the holidays? During the Christmas holidays, many people go away to visit family, get some winter sun or attend a Christmas dinner. This often means that they can't take along their pet. Lots of dogs, cats, rodents and other pets are waiting for a dedicated pet sitter who would love to spend a lovely Christmas with their furry friend. As a pet sitter, you are helping people and pets in your neighbourhood: The ultimate Christmas spirit! And, what's more fun than being surrounded by pets at Christmas? If you, too, would like to become a pet sitter, you will have the best time in the world :-)

Of course, this list is not complete. How do you celebrate an animal-friendly Christmas? Inspire us and others with your tips! For more discussions about this and other pet-related topics, Follow us on Facebook.