Best Dog Walks in London

Best Dog Walks in London


We're officially heading towards the tail-end of Winter, Pawshakers! 

With unseasonally mild-ish weather set to arrive in the UK soon, it's worth grabbing the opportunity for a walk in the fresh air with your best four-legged friend....or at least make plans for this coming spring. So grab the leash, your walking boots and your dog get exploring some of our favourite walking spots in London!

Be sure to always keep your dog on their lead unless you know you're in a leads-free area (and your dog is trained to come when called!), and ALWAYS bring the poop bags.

Hampstead Heath

For a wilderness in the middle of the city, you really can't go past Hampstead Heath. This beautiful and historic parkland has fabulous views (be sure to pack a kite for Parliament 'Kite' Hill!) and a variety of landscapes....dogs can snuffle through woodland, paddocks and even take a dip in the doggy swimming pond!

Hyde Park

How could we go past the iconic and historical Hyde Park...this green gem is right in the centre of the action, where the cool inner-city pups and their trendy owners enjoy daily walkies. It's super busy with locals and tourists throughout the year, so be sure you and your pooch bring your best walking behaviour. 

Epping Forest

Epping Forest is a 2,476 hectare stretch of parkland that sprawls the border of Greater London and Essex – as the biggest open parkland in London has PLENTY of spots for you to wander with your pooch! It has a rich history and is so large that we recommend popping into one of the visitor centres for some walking trails suggestions.

Richmond Park

Another giant beauty! This massive royal park is the biggest enclosed parkland in London and is a National Nature Reserve, but be out for the wildlife and always keep your dog on a leash around the deer (we all remember THAT famous video of Fenton and the deer stampede!).   

Battersea Park

Situated right beside the Thames, Battersea park offers dogs and their walkers plenty of lovely woodland, gardens and riverside tracks to jog, or wander and explore – be sure to check out the Brown Dog statue near the Old English Garden for a fascinating piece of history that once divided our nation. 

Regents Park

If you're a fan of beautifully-kept gardens, then Regents park is a must-visit with your dog (though we really recommend keeping them leashed near the flower beds!). Let your pooch run like the wind down Primrose Hill and enjoy the stunning views of the London skyline. Why not pack a picnic while you're at it!

Wimbledon and Putney Commons

This immense heathland is the largest in London and includes the three areas of Wimbledon Common, Putney Heath, and Putney Lower Common. Your dog can enjoy sniffing their way through a variety of landscapes including woodland, paddocks and marshland. Be aware of games that may be taking place on the golf-course and avoid where possible!

What's your favourite park to visit with your dog in London? Add it in the comments section below or on our Facebook Page