A day in the life of a dog sitter in Brighton

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It seems the ideal job for pet lovers: being a loving sitter for your neighborhood pets. But what does a day of the pet sitter really look like? And what does it take to be successful? Meet Jola, one of our top sitters in Brighton, who reveals her best practices and gives us a nice sneak peek into her not so ordinary life. Make sure to watch her wonderful video A Day in the Life of a Dog Sitter.

How did you find Pawshake and why did you decide to become a pet sitter?

I work part-time as a freelance illustrator and found Pawshake about three years ago when I decided to add another part-time job that offered the flexibility I needed. I Googled “Dog Sitters” and the Pawshake website showed up right on top. After I registered I wasn't sure if people would actually contact me after I set up my profile, but they sure did.

What do you like most about being a pet sitter?

Honestly what I enjoy most is the cuteness of animals [laughs]. I really like to be outside, and get to know the various neighborhoods of Brighton and the many different styles of houses. Many of the dog owners I work for actually became my friends which is wonderful. I also like the flexibility of my schedule. 

Being a pet sitter in Brighton

What is special about the city of Brighton? Why does it have so many pets?

Brighton is a very pet-friendly city and there are a whole lot of dogs, it seems almost like everyone has a dog. Many pubs allow you to bring your dog and you can bring your dog to the beaches. An interesting and noteworthy thing is that a lot of pets in Brighton are being fed vegan food.

So far you have completed nearly 100 bookings, several with pet owners that have booked you multiple times. Why do you think pet owners choose you again?

The Pawshake review system helps a lot and the fact that I respond very quickly. Pet owners like my friendliness and efficient communication and most important dogs really seem to like me. I never had a booking where a pet didn't like me. I'm very tidy in people's homes and make sure that everything is clean and picked up when I leave. I'm super positive and people are very generous often leaving me food - very good food!! - and other little presents for my services. My clients also like that I sent them lots of pictures while looking after their pets.

Top tips from top sitters

What do you tell your clients during the meet and greet and what do you look for when "interviewing" them?

I actually treat the meet and greets very casually, more like a getting-to-know-you. But I do ask about the pet’s diet, if they are friendly and social with other dogs we might meet during our walks.

How do you think pet owners feel about hiring a pet sitter on the Internet? Are they cautious, enthusiastic, etc.? Do you make any special accommodations for pet owners that may not be very internet savvy or having trouble using our platform?

Initially, I had some people being wary of a sitter they find on the Internet and it took the meet-and-greets to convince them that I was a real person. That happened more in the beginning and nowadays pet owners seem to be more familiar and comfortable with using the Internet to book a sitter. I take time to walk people who are unsure about using the app through it and explain the basic functions. Once a booking is confirmed with my regular clients I use WhatsApp to exchange messages because it is quicker.

What are your best tips for new pet sitters who want to be as successful as you?

Be flexible with your time, respond quickly and clearly. Be chill and don't take it personally if people choose another sitter. Be considerate of the pet owner’s home. Part of it is just plain luck - the pet just has to like you. After I had first signed up with Pawshake I spend some time “practising” with my friends’ pets to get used to being around dogs and understand what makes them tick. I took them on walks to see how they act when crossing the road or meeting other dogs.

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