The Golden Tip for Pet Sitters

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Hey, pet sitters! Can't wait to land yourself your first job looking after the sweetest of pets? Great! Plenty of pets and their owners will be delighted! But have you stopped to consider the most important aspect...? The one thing that you as pet sitter must never forget. That the very success of your pet sitting service absolutely depends on. Read on to discover our indispensable Golden Tip for pet sitters!

You've created an impressive profile at Pawshake, you're ready and raring to go, and then voila! You receive your first enquiry from a local pet owner asking if you can look after their super cute cat or dog. Of course you'd love to, and happily you're still available! Sounds perfect! But it's extremely important that you don't make a definitive booking straight away. Indeed, a savvy and responsible pet sitter always arranges a meet & greet first. That way you prevent the majority of problems and ensure an appropriate booking for all parties concerned. Because, just as pet owners are picky about their pet sitters, it's sensible (and, indeed, essential)  that you as pet sitter are equally as critical of the pet owner and their pet. There are 3 extremely good reasons for this:

You get to know the pet

For how big is that supposedly small dog in reality? And is he really house trained? How does the cat or dog react to you and any other resident pets? Is the animal healthy and well cared for, or do unforeseen problems begin to emerge? Is the pet curious and relaxed, or fearful and aggressive? A no obligation introductory meeting provides you with an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the pet, and the pet with you. This enables you to make a better assessment and determine whether or not the pet is a good match with your personal situation, and if the pet will feel at home with you.

You get to know the pet owner

A face to face conversation gives you a better idea of who you are actually dealing with. Can you get on with the pet owner and does communication run smoothly? Is the welfare of their pet their number 1 priority? And is the pet owner really interested in you? If yes, then it bodes well for a mutually beneficial arrangement. A positive meet & greet generally hints at a positive relationship further down the line. Unfortunately the opposite is also true: an awkward first meeting suggests that the relationship will likely be difficult once the pet sitting service has begun. And that's risky, because you have a combined responsibility towards the pet. So follow your intuition, and only enter into business with someone you fully trust.

It enables you to make a clear agreement

Use the meet & greet to find out as much as possible. What specific care does the pet need, what is he used to, what does he like, and what is he is afraid of? Does the animal have a tendency to run away for example, or does he have any special ailments or unusual habits? Make clear agreements with the owner, not only about nutrition and care, but also about what to do in the case of an emergency. And, is a dog coming to visit in the near future? Then read what must be explicitly agreed during a meet & greet in this particular instance. It's a lot more than you think!

The majority of pet owners and pet sitters are cheerful, dedicated animal lovers. So there's usually no issue! Still have doubts after the meet & greet?   Then forget about this booking request and look for a more suitable pet sitting job. And, if you have a question or wish to report a malpractice, then contact Pawshake. Happy pet sitting!