Pet sitters - start updating your profiles now ahead of the holiday season.....

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This is so important. What is the first thing you do when you are looking at a pet sitters profile? You go straight to their pictures. I know what it’s like, maybe you signed up real quick one day and forgot to update your profile. So, here is a gentle reminder that the more pictures you have the more chances you have of getting a booking. I’m speaking from personal experience myself. Please add at least 5-6 clear pictures of yourself with your own pets or pets you have looked after. It is also a good Idea to show pictures of your surroundings where you live. For example, there may be a nice park nearby or you may want to show a picture of your back yard if you have outside space to boost your chances of getting more bookings. Great pictures give the pet owner more insight into where they will be sending their be-loved pet.



There are some pet sitters I have come across that have amazing reviews but their profiles just don’t do them justice and it’s such a shame. Give yourself the best chance possible! The one thing us like-minded individuals have in common is our love for animals. We take the responsibility of looking after someone’s pet very seriously and therefor it is so important to create a profile that pet owners can get warmth and reassurance from. We are in effect looking after their ‘baby’. So it is vital that you write a detailed description about yourself. Here are a few tips to give you a better idea of what should be included in your biog:


* A description of what makes you trustworthy and a good carer for their pet.

* Details of past experience. If you have not yet got a booking through pawshake you can talk about your experience with a previous pet you have owned.

* Describe your surroundings, the area you live in and try to promote it the best you can. There may be some lovely walks nearby. If you are a dog walker it's great to let people know of all the lovely places you can take their pooch!


* If there is more than one of you living at your house it’s always good to explain that to people. It’s nice for people to know someone will be there at all times when their pet is in your care. They also much prefer the thought of their pet being in a family environment rather than a kennel.

* Be upfront about any other pets you own yourself who live with you. This is so important to add this because some animals will get on but unfortunately some won’t. The pet owner needs to know all the facts before sending their pet to you. If they own another dog for example who doesn’t get on with cats and you own a cat it is not a good idea for you to look after their dog. But if the owner is fully aware you have a cat or another dog for example and they assure you that their dog gets on well with others then you both have that peace of mind.


* It’s always a good idea to explain what type of hours you work in your job. If you are only free at weekends then say so or if you are self-employed, like myself, you can explain that your hours vary and therefor you can be a lot more flexible.



That brings me to the calendar. Please make sure this is always up to date. It’s helpful for you as a pet sitter to be organised and it’s clear for the pet owner to know if you are in fact free or not over the period of time that they need someone.



Some pet owners may want to make a last minute booking. If this is the case, I would always suggest a meet up even if it is after they have made their booking. It just gives you both that extra peace of mind. Meeting an owners pet beforehand will give you an idea of anything you may have concerns about. It shows that you also care for the animal. You want to make sure their pet will be happy on their holidays J



If you have been fortunate enough to look after some gorgeous furry friends through pawshake be sure to ask the pet owners if they wouldn’t mind taking their time to leave you a review. Don’t be shy in asking for this as 9 times out of 10 people will look at your profile and book you through recommendation.



This is a question I have been asked a lot at Pawshake. ‘What should I be charging?’

Well, my answer to that is to take a look at other people’s profiles in your area and see what they charge. If you are new to the site, I would start a little lower and then once you have a couple of great reviews you can up your fee a little bit as you will have gained experience.



Make sure that you are email, Facebook and SMS verified. All of this is explained on the Pawshake website. But if you are unsure about anything please contact Pawshake and we will do our best to help you. Having these three verifications gives pet owners peace of mind that you are a legitimate person and a trusted pet sitter on Pawshake.