Peace of Mind Guarantee claim

What should you do if the guest pet in your care is injured?

The most important thing in an emergency situation is the welfare of the pet.

If the pet appears unwell but is not in immediate danger

In these situations, it can sometimes be enough to monitor the pet’s health. Read here for the common signs of illness and what to do.

Emergency situations: when the pet is visibly hurt or otherwise in danger

The pet owner must give permission for any treatment before it’s sourced, but if they/their emergency contact can't be reached, remember: the pet’s welfare always comes first. If unsure, call the owner’s preferred vet and ask for advice.

  1. Contact the owner immediately and inform them of the situation.
    • If you can’t reach the owner:
      • Call emergency contact: this information should have been obtained during the meet and greet.
  2. If you can’t reach either, and you’re unsure:
    • Call the owner’s preferred vet or the Emergency Vet and ask for advice.
  3. Take the pet to the vet if the vet recommends it - even if you can’t reach the owner or emergency contact.
  4. Make sure to notify Pawshake – send us a message within 48 hours of the incident. Continue to keep us updated and we’ll get in touch to support you.

If you are unable to provide transport

Not all taxi services can transport animals, so always ask if they are okay with animals in their car when you contact them. Take along towels and blankets for the ride.

Submitting a Peace of Mind Guarantee claim

What should I do before submitting a Peace of Mind Guarantee claim?

  • Find out if the pet owner’s insurance covers the cost of the pet’s treatment.
    • The Pawshake Peace of Mind Guarantee is intended to be used when there is no other insurance in place, but might also help to cover costs that are outside of pet owner’s own pet insurance policy or with deductibles.
  • Decide with the pet owner on who sends the claim to us.
  • Familiarise yourself with our coverage and exclusions.

How do I submit a Peace of Mind Guarantee claim?

Pawshake must be notified within 48 hours of the incident. Once you have done this, you have 30 days to submit and finalise your claim.

Please note:

  • All information will be evaluated by the Pawshake Trust and Safety Team, to determine whether the incident occurred during a Pawshake booking.
  • We will reach out to all parties involved in the incident, and get a written statement from all of them.
  • You have up to 30 days to submit all applicable information regarding the Peace of Mind Guarantee claim. We cover additional costs for check-ups or follow-up treatment for up to 30 days after the incident.

What’s needed to submit a Peace of Mind Guarantee claim:

Your claim will be processed only after all necessary information has been submitted. You have up to 30 days from the incident to submit all additional information regarding the claim.

Send the following information to our Customer Support, or simply respond to the email thread in which you let us know about the original incident:

  • Completed Peace of Mind Guarantee form
  • Detailed photos of the injuries
  • Timeline of expected care, if additional treatment is needed.
  • Copies of veterinary bills, receipts and other relevant information regarding the incident.
The duration of the processing will depend on the severity of the case, the quality of the documentation and the cooperation of all parties involved, but we aim to resolve most cases within one month of their submission.
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